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January 13, 2020 

"Dear Holiday Home Tour Committee, 

On behalf of all of us at CHOICES, I want to thank you for awarding CHOICES the grant amount of $3,650.00 from the Holiday Home Tour! What a huge blessing to us! 

I think you got the gist of how much fun I had being a part of the tour this year as the representative of CHOICES. I learned a lot about the process and met some great people. I also enjoyed helping selling tickets at our Rocky Mountain Christmas Boutique, helping stuff the goody bags, and helping to host at the Blackford's home. All in all, such a great experience! 

CHOICES will use these funds to help bolster our Earn While You Learn Parenting Program. In this pro gram, our clients meet with their mentor to learn how to parent and earn baby bucks while doing this. The baby bucks can then spent in our baby boutiques to purchase needed baby supplies. 

Some of our education content has graduated to a streaming format, meaning the module is sent directly to our televisions from the curriculum site. Some curriculum is the older format of DVD's and workbooks. The streaming curriculum has advantages over the older model of material in that you can email or text the lesson to the client and they can watch it ahead of time if they have had to reschedule due to an emergency. Our goal is always to get the clients in the door to meet with their mentor, as this is where so much individual growth happens. CHOICES goal with our parenting curriculum, is to stay within a 5 year window of relevant topics and presentations to keep the clients engaged. This money will help pay for the cost of streaming content as well as purchasing up to date modules that need replacing to stay within that 5 year window I mentioned. 

Thank you for supporting the mission of CHOICES through this fundraising event. Thank you for your heart to support and connect with the non-profits of Teller County. We are so grateful! 



Teresa Diamond 

Executive Director of CHOICES "

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