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2022 Holiday Home Tour Beneficiaries


The Mission of the Friends of Mueller State Park is to raise funds to support Park projects, especially those related to education and enhancing visitor experience; and to contribute to the preservation of the Park’s resources, history and culture.

The mission of HtN – Hope Lives Here is to provide basic human services and advocacy for those in need in our community, in collaboration with other social service organizations.

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Farmers Market.png

The mission of the Woodland Park Farms Market is to enhance the quality of life for Teller County residents and visitors by providing access to safe and affordable produce and other food, promoting agricultural land use through a direct market for growers, encouraging organic and pesticide-free growing techniques, and fostering health and well-being through community education.

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The purpose of the Woodland Park Senior Organization is to promote the general well-being of Seniors in Woodland Park and Teller County by providing social interaction, recreation opportunities, mental stimulation, healthful activities, and educational programs on topics of interest to members.

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