This wonderful tour of festively decorated holiday homes has served as a fundraiser for the Teller County community since 1999.  It originated with the nonprofit corporation, Dickson Performing Arts Center, Inc. (DPAC). The primary goal of DPAC was to help provide permanent performing arts facility for Woodland Park School District RE-2.  This dream was fulfilled with the opening of Dickson Auditorium in September of 2005 named in memory of Marta Dickson for her 25 years of dedication as the music teacher at Gateway Elementary, and in honor of her husband Morton Dickson, music teacher at Woodland Park High School for 34 years.


After completion of this project and the dissolution of DPAC, the event was generously gifted to Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Foundation to help fund hospital campus projects. In 2011 the Foundation reached out to partner with other local service organizations expanding this delightful event and its benefits to the broader community.  In 2012 Tweeds Fine Furnishings became the Underwriter of the Holiday Home Tour. The Tour remains a traditional kick-off event for the holiday season in Teller County.

In 2019 Morton was inducted into the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) Hall of Fame.  



Tweeds Holiday Home Tour, Inc. shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes, more specifically to raise funds for the Greater Teller County nonprofit organizations that foster art, culture, human services, environmental stewardship or sports and recreation. Revenues will be generated by producing an impressive, high-quality tour event that positively showcases the Greater Teller County area and its talents, creativity and community commitment.


In 2016, Tweeds Holiday Home Tour, Inc. became an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. EIN# 81-1768674




During this nine year time frame, the Home Tour raised over $67,800 to provide financial support to not only Dickson Auditorium, but also Cresson Dance, Junior Woodland Players, Marta Burg Dickson Music Scholarship Fund, Ute Pass Cultural Center, Ute Pass Symphony Guild, Wind Symphony, Woodland Music Series, Woodland Park Community Singers and others.  



During this era, Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Foundation (PPRMCF) hosted the event. The Home Tour generated over $ 26,500 for the expansion and development of the campus. The funds helped finance the cost of a fitness/running trail, erosion mitigation, and the building of a frontage wall.



PPRMCF partnered with Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS) and Teller Senior Coalition (TSC) to generate over $15,000 which was shared equally. PPRMCF purchased solar shades for the hospital lobby; TCRAS continued to serve and protect the regions lost, unwanted, neglected, or abused companion animals; Teller Senior Coalition used the funds to assist Teller County Seniors in living full and active lives with dignity and independence.



$5,799 Teller Senior Coalition ~ funds used to continue providing Teller County senior residents with transportation, nutrition, and other essential services.

$5,799 Woodland Aquatic Project ~ used to fund the preparation of a business plan required to seek funding and approval for the project.  The Home    Tour is now considered a “Pioneer Contributor”.

$5,799 Woodland Park Hockey Association ~ funds used to cover the outdoor rink at Meadow Wood Sports Complex.


$3,789 Habitat for Humanity of Teller County ~ funds will be used to help build affordable housing in Teller County consisting of three townhomes in    Woodland Park in 2O13-14.

$3,789 Teller Senior Coalition~ funds used to continue providing Teller County senior residents with transportation, nutrition, and other essential services.

$3,789 Voices of Grief ~ funds used to produce a documentary film of individuals journeying through the grief process with a planned national distribution to hospice care facilities and others.  



$3,500 Teller Senior Coalition ~ funds used to continue providing Teller County senior residents with transportation, nutrition, and other essential services.

$3,500 Ute Pass Symphony Guild ~ funds used to continue bringing the Colorado   Springs Philharmonic Orchestra to Woodland Park for a July 5th concert     known as “Symphony Above the Clouds”



$1,527 DayBreak, An Adult Day Program ~ Incubator Grant recipient with funds being used to for initial operating costs.

$5,725 Woodland Park Arts Alliance Public Art Fund ~ funds used to help finance the Antler Arch Project.  Total estimated cost $40,000  

$1,908 Woodland Park Arts Alliance Scholarship Fund ~ a contribution to the continued efforts to fund the educational cost for Woodland Park High    School graduates interested in pursuing a degree in the visual or performing arts.



$4,103 Ute Pass Historical Society ~ funds used to digitize photograph collection and purchase a display case for a Ute cradleboard.

$2,051 The Clothes Closet ~ funds used to purchase socks, underwear and gas/food gift cards for those in need.

$1,231 Rampart Library District ~ funds used to purchase new furniture for the Teen Room.




$4,484 CHOICES ~ funds used to update and expand curricula used in the Earn While You Learn Parenting Programs such as The Emotions of Pregnancy, Car Seat Safety, Infant Nutrition, and many others.

$4,484 Friends of Mueller State Park ~ funds used to purchase twelve two way radios for volunteers who lead hikes and work in the backcountry on trails and maintenance as most of the Park is inaccessible by cell phone.

$1,121 Woodland Park Senior Organization ~ funds used for general operations of the Woodland Park Senior Center such as paying utilities, programming, entertainment and administration of all of the above.   



 $4,252 Focus on the Forest ~ funds used to ensure that a minimum of four large cleanups and two small cleanups in Pike National Forest are fully funded for the 2019 summer season. Pictures will be provided as the summer unfolds of the cleanups and the difference the Holiday Home Tour has made for us for this year.

$3,189  Habitat for Humanity of Teller County ~ proceeds were applied to construction costs for the next round of homes (with up to 10% allowable overhead costs). Major construction expenses generally include site preparation, foundation materials, framing lumber, and specialized materials and labor such as electrical, plumbing, and heating.

 $2,126 Woodland Park Senior Organization ~ funds are used for the continued operation of the Woodland Park Senior Center such as paying utilities, programming, and entertainment. Additionally, these funds have allowed the expansion of our offsite activities such as bimonthly bowling trips, museum visits, out to lunch trips and Cripple Creek theater trips.



Beneficiaries will include:

  • CHOICES ~ Funds will be used to help CHOICES continue to
    provide the newest and best curricula for the “Earn While You
    Learn” (EWYL) parenting and mentoring program. To best meet
    our client’s needs, CHOICES is constantly updating and expanding
    the program to offer curricula that is current, relevant, and
    published or updated within the last five years. The parenting
    training and education offered through the EWYL program is
    nationally recognized and evidence-based instruction.


  • Community Cupboard of Woodland Park ~ Established in
    1978 the Community Cupboard has provided holiday meals for
    families in need for over 40 years so that they too have a feast on
    their table and emergency food assistance during the year. We are
    currently launching our 20th Annual Santa Gives! toy campaign
    for families with children. This program continues the mission of
    helping dreams come true by ensuring each child feels the
    warmth of the holiday season.


  • Focus on the Forest ~ Focus on the Forest (FoF) is dedicated to
    cleaning up OUR National Forests using alternative solutions to
    motivate and enable communities to keep our public lands clean
    and safe. Public lands are more enjoyable and have a greater
    impact on those experiencing them when they are clean, and thus
    on our community when they return. We want everyone to Focus
    on the Forest.


  • Friends of Mueller State Park ~ Funds from the Tour will
    provide financial support for ongoing youth programs which
    includes funding school bus transportation costs to the park and
    providing loaner equipment such as GPS devices and snowshoes.
    In addition, these funds will also help with park improvements by
    updating interpretive exhibits and trail signage which enhance the
    experience of every park visitor.

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