Tweeds Holiday Home Tour, Inc. (THHT) is a 501c3 organization. Our mission is to raise funds for the greater Teller County nonprofit organizations that foster art, culture, human services, environmental stewardship and sports and recreation. Revenues are generated by producing an impressive, high‐quality Tour event that positively showcases the greater Teller County area and its talents, creativity and community commitment.


2020 Tweeds Holiday Home Tour

Grant Application


Please provide the following information for your Organization and submit the requested documentation. 

Further, complete the Narrative portion of the Funding Application and review and agree to the requirements of participation.  The Application is designed to provide the Selection Committee with as much information as possible to use in making their decision. Applications that do not include all the necessary information will not be considered. The deadline for submitting the completed Funding Application and attachments is Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 11:59 p.m. All application packets should be submitted here and additional info requested submitted by email to “” The dates for the Home Tour are Dec 5-6, 2020.







































Please submit the following documents (value 10 Points):  


  1. a copy of IRS Letter of Determination stating that Organization is tax‐exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of 

the Internal Revenue Code; 

     B)   a Certificate of Registration from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office (; 

     C)   a list of current Board Members, their email, phone number and county of residency;  

     D)   a completed 2019 and projected 2020 board approved detailed budget.  




  1. ORGANIZATION, MISSION, PROJECT DESCRIPTION and BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY (value 40 points):  Present the primary focus and mission statement of the organization; a brief description of the organization’s history; and how the organization has and will continue to benefit the community.  Further, describe each project that might be funded by proceeds from THHT including goals, estimated cost, target audience/demographics of recipients; criticality or urgency of its implementation; whether its recipient population is currently unserved or underserved; and what progress has been made to implement the project including documented timeline. Ensure that project’s description includes how it supports your mission statement and also how it benefits the community. 


  1. SUSTAINIBILITY OF ORGANIZATION (value 20 points):  Describe the Organization’s previously successful funding efforts and its plans for financial sustainability in coming years.   Is there any history of connections (for example co-marketing or sharing volunteers) and successes with other local organizations or groups or are there any future plans for this activity?  Describe any previous successful outreach efforts including utilizing social media and networking and any continued plans for community communications.


  1. MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL SUPPORT ACTIVITIES (value 30 points):   A focus of the THHT Board of Directors is to increase the awareness of its fundraising efforts for Teller nonprofits which in turn increases the community’s awareness of each of our designated beneficiaries.  In support of our efforts, we therefore request participation by each beneficiary in a number of activities and tasks which are listed below.  Please indicate in your narrative how your Organization would be able to assist in the stated activities including recognition of the Home Tour at the conclusion of the event.

  • Appoint a minimum of one representative to attend Steering Committee meetings; 

  • Select a spokesperson to provide sound bites at our various media events; 

  • Provide your logo and additional information as requested in support of the Home Tour marketing efforts such as our website, Facebook page, Tour Guide, etc.;

  • Assist in staffing our pre-event activities and distributing marketing materials as needed;

  • Request Board Members to become a THHT Individual or Business sponsor; 

  • Engage in the process of securing THHT sponsorships, both cash and in‐kind, throughout the community;

  • Present any additional ideas for marketing as new ideas are welcomed and encouraged;  

  • Provide 500 giveaway items and/or brochures to be included in the Home Tour Gift Bags;

  • Encourage your Board Members to attend our Gala, Friday, November 20, 2020, 5‐7pm at Tweeds. 

  • Assist in providing the numerous volunteers needed to staff the Home Tour. Examples include providing guest-hosts and refreshments for the Hospitality House and guest-hosting in the venues during tour hours;

  • Attend the Awarding of Proceeds event in January; 

  • Acknowledge THHT as a donor or sponsor of your organization in post-event marketing materials via newsletters, on your website/Facebook pages, Donor Wall, etc. during the life of the specified project or for at least one year after the Awarding of Proceeds. 


Application Step 1

Please submit this information, then proceed to follow the instructions below this box.

Check Organization’s Focus Area (please check one): 

Arts & Culture

Human Services

Environmental Stewardship

Sports & Recreation

On behalf of my Organization, I understand and agree to above and below stated requirements of participation.

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